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60 Birthday Wishes For Dad, Messages and Greeting Cards

Birthday Wishes For Dad

Do we hear dad jokes or do we hear bad jokes? Or do we hear that it does not make much difference because dad jokes are bad jokes. Jokes apart, dads are cool and we love them from the bottom of our hearts. They do everything in their capabilities to make us happy so we are also going to do anything and everything in our capability to make them happy. Let us start by wishing them a very happy birthday. So here are the best birthday wishes for dad and messages that you can send them with a lot of love.

We do not need a lot of things to make our dads happy. Just a game night with some beers and pizzas can do the magic for our old guy who is still a kid at heart. Do you ever wonder how he ever managed to raise his own children up with himself being a kid? Yes, our moms deserve an award, maybe a noble too for raising us all up and our dads too.

So wish your man child a great birthday with these adorable Birthday Wishes and Messages for Dads and Fathers all the Papas and Poppies out there:

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Dads are fun and we are here for it. So spend as much time as you can with your dad and you would end up craving for some more. Maybe go for a movie or fishing and cherish your lovely bond forever. After all, he is the first superhero we ever had.

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