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70 Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew, Messages and Images

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Who are the people in your family that are more fun than your siblings and cousins? The answer is their kids. Your nephews and nieces are supposed to be everything that your brothers and sisters are and much more, be it the evilness or the goodness. The only thing that is different is, there is no rivalry or love-hate relationship between you and the kids of your siblings, it is only and only love. So wish your lovely nephew on his birthday with these best Birthday Wishes and Messages for Nephews and shower him with all your love.

Humans are designed in a way to always over-love and pamper the generation that comes after them. Be it their children, grand-children or nephews and nieces. Our siblings might be struggling to teach patience and discipline to their kids, but we are always there to spoil them with expensive gifts and midnight chocolates. So let us spoil them on their birthdays too.

Wish your little nephew with these lovely Birthday Wishes and Messages for Nephew and he will be overjoyed to know that you remember his birthday because let us admit it, they always fantasize about their cool uncle and aunts and think them as some super cool hero that is out of their small league:

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Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • My awesome nephew, I look at you and realize that there is hope for our crazy family.
  • Dear nephew, may you spend your birthday doing the things you love to do!

The greatest gift that I can give you today is blessings from the core of my heart that will stay with you lifelong. Happy birthday Nephew.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • Seeing you grow up really astonishes me, it seems like it has been just a few days when you used to sit on my lap. Happy birthday, my handsome nephew.
  • Always keep smiling brightly like the sunshine and never let the gleam of your eyes dull under any kind of circumstances. Happy birthday, Nephew.
  • I wish that the Almighty bestows all his blessings upon you so that you can achieve prosperity and success in your life. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • Your value in my life cannot be portrayed in words. You are like my first child. Happy birthday nephew.
  • Keep the honor of our family your first priority like you always have. This is the greatest piece of advice that I would like to say to you on this special day of yours. Happy birthday nephew.
  • Always value the bonds with your loved ones. Your loved ones are the greatest gift that you have. Happy birthday Nephew.
  • My nephew, you’re like a friend to me. The best part is that you’re family and family never strays away from each other.
  • Dear nephew, I have not known the genuine importance of fun, energy, and experience until you came into my life. Happy Birthday!
  • There are lots of hugs to go around, but today, I’m saving them all for my sweet nephew.
  • Here’s to a remarkable birthday for a remarkable young man. We love you more than you know.
  • The benefit of having a nephew as smart and bright as you is that I learn something new every day. I hope you have a great birthday.
  • You’re the coolest and more adorable nephew in town. Happy Birthday to you.

My dear Nephew, you are sure to make life more amazing each time you let that amazing personality shine through.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Birthday Messages for Nephew

  • Your presence in our lives brings continuous improvement and long-lasting memories. Thanks, nephew. You deserve the best birthday ever!
  • This is a birthday I couldn’t miss. You’re the best nephew in the world and you keep making me really proud to be your uncle.
  • Dearest Nephew, you work hard and stay focused. That’s why you’re so successful. Today, relax and have fun. You’ve earned it. Best wishes!
  • Celebrating you is the best way to spend the day. Wishing you a fantastic day and a perfect birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my nephew. With warm wishes and hugs, I pray that your birthday will be as great as you, my dear nephew!
  • You are my sweet nephew but I love you like the son I never had. . Happy Birthday to my amazing nephew.
  • Nephew, I wish that you are the happiest today because it is your special day. I love you and wish you best birthday ever!
  • I’m proud to say that you’re like a son to me. You’ve made this family very proud. Be blessed and happy on your birthday.
  • Have the happiest birthday possible. Live your life to the fullest. Be the best you that no one can imitate. Best wishes and may all your dreams come true, nephew.
  • I can’t believe my nephew is growing up so fast. I knew you when you were in diapers… a little bundle of crankiness. Now you’re almost as tall as me. Happy birthday to you!
  • I hope my little nephew has one big birthday bash. Have fun and stay worry-free.
  • Wishing you lots of success and good fortune. Have a great day, from your favorite Aunt and Uncle.
  • From uncle to nephew, I vow to always give you honest, sound advice so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and sail through life.
  • I pray that you always know love, have happiness, and feel special on this day, and all your birthdays to come.

May your life’s path be filled with kindness and beauty. The secret to going farther in life is staying humble and sweet. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • To me, you are more like a son and less like a nephew. On this special day, may you continue to conquer every corner of my heart. Happy birthday. 
  • Sometimes I wonder if my Facebook is mine or yours because it has more of your pictures than mine. Happy birthday. 
  • Your parents must have heard amazing achievements in their lives but the best of those achievements was giving me an awesome nephew, which is you. 
  • You are such a smart and bright. You show so much potential for the future. Looking forward to seeing you thrive in life. Wishing you the best, nephew!
  • All your life, I just want you to remember one thing – that being your aunt, I have all the powers in the world to spoil you than your parents. I love you! Have a joyous birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my cool nephew. Hey little boy, I may just like your mom… but I promise I will never use your secrets against you.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew From Aunt

  • I pray that the Almighty keeps you away from facing hardships of life, and I hope He keeps you blessed like always. Happy birthday nephew.
  • I feel blessed that you are the eldest son of our family. The way you take up responsibilities makes me feel proud as your Aunt. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • I have seen you cry over pretty little things. But today seeing my crybaby grown up makes me emotional. Happy birthday, nephew
  • You have always considered me equal to your mother. And like all mothers of the world, I wish all the happiness of the world for you. Happy birthday Nephew.
  • I pray for you to reach the highest heights of success in life, and make me the proudest Aunt of the world. Happy Birthday, Nephew.
  • Always try to make everyone proud of you by being a man of modesty and honesty. Happy birthday nephew God bless you abundantly!

Birthday Wishes for Nephew From Uncle

  • Birthdays bring us closer and closer to the best version of ourselves. You deserve to have everything you desire, nephew. Happy birthday.
  • In our hearts, you bring love. In our family, you bring joy. Happy birthday nephew.

You have the special ability of being yourself, hence making those around you smile. You bring joy, wit, and laughter into our lives. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • In an aunt’s heart and thoughts, nephews hold special places. Happy birthday.
  • I feel like an oldie seeing you grow up; I miss the moments when I taught you how to ride your cycle. You are a champion now! Happy birthday nephew.
  • I wish for your strength and willpower to increase every year as you grow up. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • Apart from being the eldest son of the family, be a man of words and kindness, doing great good deeds. Happy birthday handsome nephew.
  • I wish that all your dreams may come true in the coming years. Happy birthday.
  • This is to remind you of all the good in the past years and wish you more happy memories in the years ahead. Happy birthday.
  • Being your aunt is a big blessing. May we enjoy more years together as family. Congratulations on your birthday.
  • You’ve made me laugh so often that I wish there was enough room for me to put a candle on your birthday cake for every time you did. I am really privileged to have you as my nephew.
  • You have lived a life that I am so proud of. I hope you continue to have the kind of free spirit that you possess.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • Not only a close relative on whom you can depend, I will always remain your closest companion.
  • May you feel specially blessed today and may you have a birthday that is full of love and happiness that you truly deserve!
  • To my nephew whose coolness is just so amazing, I wish you a fun-filled birthday, I love you!
  • Dance like no one’s watching. Party like it’s your day alive. And live like it’s your time to shine.
  • Hey nephew, I feel so blessed to watch you grow! May this day bring you so much joy! I love you!
  • I’m still wondering how you turned out so amazing when your dad is my goofy brother. Ok, best wishes and don’t tell him I said that. 

Having a nephew is like having a son but better. I get to be the fun auntie while someone else does the hard parenting part. Have a great birthday, kiddo!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Birthday Greeting Card for Nephew

  • The older you get, the older I feel. Happy birthday, from your uncle.
  • You have 100 reasons to smile on your birthday. Your amazing aunt has arrived. Now you have 101 reasons.
  • Fun times and awesome adventures! That’s how I describe moments with you!
  • I remember when I was your age. Not enough cares to hold me down. Enjoy it while it lasts, nephew.
  • Happy birthday to you, nephew. Never lose your birthday swag!
  • Hey birthday boy, I hope your birthday will be filled with happiness and joy! Happy Bday!
  • Dear nephew, I am happy to see you grow to become a smart and confident young man. I wish you a very happy birthday!
  • Nephew, just seeing you today makes me so happy. Thank you for the joy that you bring to me!
  • Dearest nephew, I wish that your birthday will be filled with wondrous moments, and may all your dreams come true!
  • Live to blow a thousand and one candles, Happy birthday my dear nephew.
  • My little awesome nephew, dream big because there’s no other way to dream.

When you give birth to your own kids, they come with responsibilities and expenses, but when your siblings or cousins give birth to a child, it only brings play time, cuddles, photo shoots and much fun. And that is why we do not blame you if you are more excited to have a nephew or niece than having your own kids. We feel you pal. Anyways have a great day ahead.

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