70 Special Birthday Wishes For Your Crush

Birthday Wishes For Your Crush

Even a normal conversation with a crush is so overwhelming. And this is a matter of his/her birthday. You want to sound special. You want to wish them in the most different way. You want them to remember their birthday because of your special wish. But you can’t come up with any nice birthday wishes…Right? … Read more

55 Best Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Lover

Birthday Wishes for Lover

Red roses will never go out of trend, handwritten letters will never be cliché, candle-lit dinner will always be magical, beach walks with your sweetheart will always tickle your feet and heart and long drives will always make you want to hold their hand on the gear. Romance is not dead and it will never … Read more

40 Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

Do you know what is as rare as finding a four-leafed clover? The answer is a pair of twins. And then there are different types of twins, identical or non-identical, pair of sisters or pair of brothers or pair of sister-brother. And one of the many things that they share while growing up includes clothes, … Read more

70 Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew and Messages

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Who are the people in your family that are more fun than your siblings and cousins? The answer is their kids. Your nephews and nieces are supposed to be everything that your brothers and sisters are and much more, be it the evilness or the goodness. The only thing that is different is, there is … Read more

65 Religious Christian Birthday Wishes and Messages

Christian Birthday Wishes

Births are a gift of god for this world. We are born so that we can make this world alive and a better place for us and for everyone else to live. Every soul that has been sent on the face of this earth has a purpose and all the purposes result in one ultimate … Read more

85 Birthday Wishes for Friend & Best Friend

HaPPy Birthday Wishes for Friend

Friends are our second family, they are the family that we choose, they are the chosen ones. And our choices of true friends depend on our compatibility alone and that is why friendships that are born out of true intentions last forever. Once we become friends and best friends with people, their things become important … Read more

35 Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

Birthday Wishes For Him

The guys in our life are simple and adorable. Small things and efforts can make them happy and they have the ability to let go off your biggest flaws and mistakes (they simply forget them like they forget dates). Good and gentlemen always give more than they take from the love of their life. They … Read more

45 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Females become the light of every room they walk in. Daughters especially, light up your whole life. They are cute,mostly chirpy, mostly cuddly and they get involved in your life really easily. They have these motherly instincts and tendency to take care of everything and every one around them which makes them even more adorable. … Read more