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56 Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague and Messages

I have said it thousands of times and I will repeat it for millions more, a good colleague can make your life a lot more calmer and happier. Not just with the on-job jokes, and in-office humor, but also with a lot of support, motivation, and gossip, if that is your thing. Once you resign from a workplace or one of your colleagues resigns, you might still be in contact with them for professional or sometimes for personal reasons too like matching vibes. Now if any of those others have their birthday upcoming, then here is a list of Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague or Ex-Coworker. So send these Birthday Wishes for Ex-colleague to your friend from your job to make them feel special.

There are two types of Ex-Colleagues that you might remain in contact with, one type is formal but respectable, and the other type would have been like your best buddy from childhood if you had met them in your childhood because they just made your life at that office bearable or even happier.

So if you are in contact with an Ex-Colleague or Ex-Coworker whose birthday is coming up, then here are the best Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague or Ex-Coworker that you can send them to remind them that you are thankful for their presence in your life:

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Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague

  • I’m still sad to be calling you an ex-colleague. It was so much fun working with you. Happy birthday, my friend!

Birthday Wishes for Ex colleague

  • As coworkers go, you were pretty epic! Thanks for all you did each and every day. Wishing you a super happy birthday.
  • Today is your birthday, and you deserve to celebrate! Thank you for all the positivity and great vibes you brought to work each day. You were one of the greats.
  • Wishing the sweetest person at the workplace the sweetest birthday celebration ever! I miss working with you every day.
  • Happy birthday, Super human. You have no idea how you inspire me every day. Glad to have had an amazing coworker like you. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the colleague who made every day at work an adventure! I sure do miss working with you.

Birthday Wishes for Ex colleague

  • Wishing you all the best on your special day. It hasn’t been the same around here without you.
  • Nobody worked harder than you and nobody brought as much laughter and fun. Happy birthday to an awesome ex-coworker.
  • I often miss all the fun you and I used to have together. I miss you dearly. Happy birthday to you!
  • Wishing my awesome ex-coworker a very happy birthday. You brought 100% each day, and we’ll never be able to replace you.
  • Wishing you a birthday full of all the fun and laughter we used to share at work.
  • Happy birthday to my amazing ex-coworker! I hope all your fondest wishes and dreams come true.
  • Remember those endless coffee breaks we took? Cheers to those moments! Happy Birthday.
  • From boardrooms to birthdays, hope you celebrate this day with as much zeal as you did our successes.
  • We might not share a cubicle anymore, but we still share some great memories. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Ex colleague

  • To my ex-colleague, with whom I’ve shared not just work but also life’s many tales. Best wishes!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague

  • Happy birthday to my favorite ex-coworker.

Birthday Wishes for Ex colleague

  • From my desk to yours, wishing an old work buddy the best birthday ever!
  • No office politics, just genuine wishes for a fabulous birthday!
  • Working with you was a gift, and today’s the day to celebrate you. Happy birthday!
  • You’ve always been more than a colleague. Happy birthday to a dear friend.
  • Happy birthday to my old partner in mischief. Here’s to many more adventures for us both.
  • Wishing a fantastic birthday to the colleague-turned-friend who made office hours memorable!
  • Wishing a splendid birthday to the one who always made work feel like play.

Birthday Wishes for Ex colleague

  • Happy birthday! Here’s to converting office blues into vibrant birthday hues.
  • Wishing the best for the one who always wanted the best for the team.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague

  • Happy birthday to you. We still don’t know how old you are. Only you, God, and Human resources know your real age.

Birthday Wishes for Ex colleague

  • Happy birthday to the ex-colleague who has the best ex-colleague in the world!
  • I want to use your birthday as an opportunity to tell you how boring this place is without you. You really were the light of the workplace. Happy birthday!
  • Sending you every hope for a wonderful birthday and wishes for grand opportunities, big promotions, and lots and lots of money!
  • Happy birthday! May this new year bring you even more success than our joint projects ever did.
  • Birthdays are nature’s way of telling you that you are getting old. Wishing you all the best, ex-teammate!

Birthday Wishes For Ex colleague

  • Wishing a stress-free, utterly joyful birthday to the one who made tight deadlines fun!
  • Though we don’t catch up at the water cooler anymore, here’s wishing you a splashy birthday!
  • You brought flavor to every office potluck. Here’s wishing a day filled with sweetness and joy!
  • You made this place tolerable — and that’s not easy! Happy Birthday!

Formal Birthday Wishes for Senior Ex-Colleague

  • The office is not the same without you and my respect for you remains. Best birthday wishes!

Birthday Wishes For Ex colleague

  • I just wanted to send a note wishing you the best birthday and the highest success in the coming year. Happy Birthday sir/mam.
  • Happy birthday sir/mam! It was great to work with someone as respectful and knowledgeable as you. May all your dreams come true.
  • Here’s to another year of brilliance. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays sir/mam!
  • Cheers to the one who made every project feel like a breeze with great guidance! Happiest of birthdays sir/mam.
  • Happy birthday to the person who taught me so much. I feel privileged to have worked with you!

Birthday Wishes For Ex colleague

  • Happy birthday to you! Your dedication to your work always inspired me when we shared the office. I truly appreciate and respect you. Best wishes to you and your family.
  • The desk between us was never a barrier but a bridge of respect and guidance. Wishing you a grand birthday!
  • If we didn’t have a mentor like you on the team, completing projects would have been a wishful dream. Happy birthday.
  • To the one who transformed office monotony into melodic memories with his/her experience, Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague Junior

  • Happy birthday! May this year outshine all your past achievements.

Birthday Wishes For Ex colleague

  • May this new era usher in a long life, wisdom, and the capacity to lead well as you’ve always done. I wish you nothing but the best in your future. Happy birthday!
  • You’re one of the most brilliant colleagues I’ve ever had. May all your birthday wishes come true.
  • Happy birthday! I hear you’ve really taken the industry by storm since you left here. I’d love to get together sometime to hear all about it. Hope your birthday is one to remember.
  • Happy birthday to you from everyone at the old office. Hope you’re having a smashing good time at the new job.
  • Happy Birthday. Here’s to the one who brightened up our office days! Shine bright on your special day.

Birthday Wishes For Ex colleague

  • Happy birthday! May your year be filled with as much joy as you brought to the break room.
  • Just like how you aced our projects, hope you ace this special day! Cheers.
  • May this birthday be a milestone of successes, just like your tenure with us.
  • Remembering our shared office jokes and sending lots of love on your special day.


The office mates that you do not block right after the resignation, are actually the people that you like, because even when you have the option, you choose to be in contact with them because they are that amazing. So if any of your Ex-Colleague is having their birthday around, wish them with these Birthday Wishes for Ex-Colleague and Messages. Aloha amigos till next time.

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