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65 Happy Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

People meet and fall in love, sometimes it works for life, and other times they become your ex. And that is fine because everything that ended taught you something. Sometimes it teaches you to be at peace with your ex too. So take your life lessons with you and wish your ex-boyfriend on his birthday with these Birthday Wishes and Messages for your Ex-Boyfriend because we are assuming that you will still talk to him if you are here.

Birthdays are a special occasion for everyone. And even if you have parted ways, it can be courteous to send them some warm wishes. It shows your healthy take on life and on relationships that have ended. Because not every breakup has to be ugly, some are just purely out of mutual understanding and both are left with respect for each other, which is rare we know, but it is there.

So if you are on talking terms with your Ex-Boyfriend, then here are the best Birthday Wishes and Messages for your Ex-Boyfriend that are strictly platonic and nice:

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Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

  • “Time spent with you wasn’t a waste. You were once my angel. Happy birthday, dear. You are appreciated. I wish you a long life and happiness.”
  • “As another season begins in your life today, I wish you the best. I wish you stayed but then life happens. Happy birthday.”
  • “Thank you for the sweet memories, the special times, and for everything you did for me. I know we are not together anymore, but I hope I haven’t overstepped when I wish you a hearty birthday, may all your wishes come true. Glad we are still friends.”
  • “When we started going out, I lost a friend in you but gained a boyfriend. When we broke up, I lost a boyfriend but gained a friend again. I guess we are now back to square one. Happy birthday.”
  • “Life is like this, people come, people go, but the heart remains the same even though it’s bruised and battered. I hope you do enjoy your birthday the best way you can.”
  • “So what, if we can’t live together as lovers, we can still continue the most beautiful form of relationship – friendship. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend!”
  • “May the light of candles that shines on your birthday cake today shine on your life too. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, to this and many more to come, cheers.”

Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

  • “You better get used to a birthday without me; you are better off on your own. I wish you a happy birthday!”
  • “We don’t love each other anymore. However, I still have a lot of respect and admiration for you. Wishing happy birthday to a great man and a fantastic lover!”
  • “We may have broken up, but our friendship ties do not have to be broken. For that, I wish you a superlative birthday. Have fun!”
  • “Happy birthday, my ex-boyfriend. I know that you may not like this message from me, but I hold nothing against you. I wish you the best.”
  • “I know that we’re not together anymore, but I still want you to know how much I love and miss you on your birthday.”
  • “We’ve had a quirky past but let’s face it… having each other as exes is much better than not having each other in our lives at all! Happy B-day.”
  • “Falling in love with you was a wonderful stroke of luck but breaking up with you was my choice because of your toxicity. Still, I wish you a happy birthday and pray for your success!”
  • “I’m really thankful for the moments we shared together. And now that we have separated, I’m still thankful to God for you. Happy birthday.”

Heart Melting Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

  • “I may hold grudges against you for breaking up with me, but I still cherish the beautiful memories I share with you. Happy B-day!”
  • “Wrong are the people who say exes cannot remain friends after they break up. I am proud of our friendship. Happy birthday, sweetheart!”
  • “I still think about you all the time, on your birthday and every day. I hope that someday we can be together again.”
  • “Happy birthday to the man I love no matter what.”
  • “Even though we are miles apart, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Happy birthday to the most amazing ex-boyfriend!”

Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

  • “Happy birthday, dear, it’s your day, and I wish you all the best. May this birthday bring you love from all around; you are an ex-boyfriend I am proud to be close to.”
  • “You are still the one I would call if I ever needed anything. Happy birthday, my ex-boyfriend. I will always be here for you.”
  • “I hope we can put all the bitterness away and remember the reasons we loved each other. Have a great birthday.”
  • “Even in your absence, the presence of our memories together still remains strong in my heart. Happy birthday, dear.”
  • “Your birthday is always bittersweet to me because it reminds me of how much I loved being with you. I hope you have a great day.”
  • “Happy birthday to an angel of love. You are a gift to the woman race. I wish you a prosperous new year. I love you more than you know!”

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

  • “One of the best things that ever came into my life is you, and that is saying something, dear.”
  • “You are not the only ex I have, but you are definitely the only ex that I don’t regret having. Happy birthday.”
  • “Honey, if I were to go back in time, I’d put you first. Happy birthday.”
  • “I don’t regret anything we did, but the only thing I do regret is that I couldn’t make you stay longer. Have a hearty birthday, dear.”
  • “Our relationship may be dead, but our friendship still lives. Have a wonderful birthday.”
  • “I have put behind a lot of things about our past, but hey, I still haven’t forgotten your birthday. Happy birthday.”

Heartwarming Birthday Messages For Ex Boyfriend

  • “Do not be surprised if I tell you that I love you still, ‘cause my love for you transcends beyond the barrier of break up and hurt. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the happiness in the world.”
  • “You have been there for me even after we broke up. Not a lot of exes share the relationship we have. I wish you wealth, health, and a lot of sweet memories during this day. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend of mine.”
  • “You know that it is not possible for me to forget your birthday because it reminds me of the special moments that we spent together. I hope you have an amazing birthday, my dear.”
  • “Time passes, but do not forget the days I spent with you, our paths were separated, but I will never forget what I felt for you. I wish you much happiness.”

Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

  • “The biggest mistake in our terrible relationship was the lack of appreciation for each other’s efforts. I hope you are living a happy life with your new partner. Happy birthday, ex-love!”
  • “Had I known from the beginning that you would make such a good friend, I would never have fallen in love with you. Wishing you a glorious day.”
  • “You will always have a place in my heart, you were once my sunshine, and now that you are my ex-boyfriend I think it’s great we are friends. Have a great birthday, dear one.”
  • “Sometimes I think I have moved on, sometimes I think that I still love you. The emptiness in my heart and the confused state of my mind, I wish you knew. Happy birthday.”
  • “Although we took different paths in life, you still have a special place in my heart. I wish you a happy birthday and a happy life.”
  • “The best part of your birthday is seeing you happy, my dear ex-boyfriend. I have no hard feelings, just wishing that you are always happy. Have fun!”

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

  • “Although we take different paths, you and I keep a special affection. I wish you a happy birthday next to a person who makes you happy. Congratulations!”
  • “Two days of life are the most important ones; When you are born and when you found the true love of life. The latter one is gone, it’s time to fable the former one. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend!”
  • “I might no longer occupy that special place in your heart, but I’m still thankful that our paths crossed in this lifetime. Happy birthday.”
Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend
Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend
  • “We never became good lovers, but at least we became good friends. I am glad that we could move on from our past by making amends. Have a wonderful birthday.”
  • “You are awesome, and I wish you the best birthday you have ever had. Enjoy the day with those who mean the world to you.”
  • “Yes, we haven’t seen each other’s faces for ages, but I don’t have any hard feelings for you. Your presence still makes me feel vivacious. Happy birthday, sweetheart!”
  • “Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world. I know it didn’t work out exactly how we had hoped, but instead of gaining an ex-boyfriend, I’ve gained a best friend.”
  • “Your birthday is stamped into my heart, so, no matter where I am and who I have become, I’ll always wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday, darling. Wishing you many happy returns.”
  • “You took away the biggest part of my heart, but in its place I found something more amazing. I hope you enjoy your birthday, ex-boyfriend. You deserve the very best.”
  • “You are the same person who touched my heart and also broke it into zillions of pieces. I don’t want to see you anymore, but I can’t hate you either. Many happy returns of the day to my ex-bf!”

Short Birthday Wishes To Ex Boyfriend

  • “It’s not the same without you here on your birthday, but I’m sending all my love your way.”
  • “Hello, dear! Happy birthday to you. Let it not surprise you to see my message, I still care deeply about you.”
  • “Your birthday is a reminder of all the good times we had and how much I miss being with you. I hope you have a good day.”
  • “The love relationship between us is over, But that doesn’t mean that I hate you. I wish you a wonderful birthday. May God bless you.”
  • “We gave up on our relationship, but let’s not give up on our friendship. Have a nice birthday.”
  • “I don’t really understand why we broke up, but I am glad to know that you are happy. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend!”
Short Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend
Short Birthday Wishes To Ex Boyfriend
  • “I hope you find sweet memories that you will cherish forever, you are a great person, and I am glad I was part of your life.”
  • “I will never be glad for what happened between us, but I am happy that at least we have both made progress. Wishing you a happy birthday.”
  • “Our destiny is different, and so is our path in life, and that’s the main reason we were unable to put it together. Happy birthday to you.”
  • “I must accept that our estrangement made me reconsider. Today I see you as a friend, and I’m glad you think the same about me. Happy birthday!”
  • “If you’d forgotten me by now, then I guess you never loved me at all still, I hope you have fun.”
  • “I can never forget the fact that my life once belonged to you. I hope you’ll enjoy your new day and New Year as it starts today. May you be blessed.”
  • “We will never know why we had heartbreak written in our fates, but I will always remember the beautiful memories of our amazing dates. Happy birthday to my ex.”


Exes can be some of the most understanding people because now there is no emotional baggage between the two of you to mess things up and also you people know each other very well. Being in contact with them just requires some prerequisite like your current or future partner must be ok with it. So if all is good, then go ahead and use these Birthday Wishes and Messages for your Ex-Boyfriend to good use. Have a great day too.

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