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75 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

Birthday Wishes for Husband: Finding the right words to celebrate the special days of your loved ones might seem hard at times, especially when it comes to your husband’s birthday. You always want to make him feel extraordinarily special on his birthday. But if you don’t know what to write on a birthday wish, don’t worry. Here we have brought for you some of the most brilliantly crafted birthday wishes for your husband. Just pick the one you like or just modify them according to to suit your liking. Make him feel loved and adored in every way you can.

If you are unable to compose a wonderful message for him then worry not! We have an awesome collection of wonderful heartfelt messages, quotes, and images that are surely going to make his day memorable. All these are free of cost, so you can directly share them directly on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Pinterest and make the birthday of your hubby really special.

Here are the best birthday wishes for your husband that are surely going to make his day memorable.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • Happy Birthday to you. There’s no way I could ever live without you. You make me a better person and a better wife. Thank you for everything.
  • It may be your birthday, but I’m the lucky one here. I got to spend another whole year with you, and hopefully many more to come. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Behind my success I had you. You are always special to me. Happy Birthday my dear husband.
  • You are the reason for whom this life is full of laughter. If I thank you then it would not be enough. I want to wish you a happy birthday.
  • To my amazing husband, your love to me means more than I could ever express with words. Happy Birthday from my heart to yours.
  • Today my goal is to make you smile like a sunflower and laugh like a child. Because today is your birthday. Happy birthday, my handsome husband!
  • My life just can’t get any better than it is with you. You have showered me with unlimited love and given me a million reasons to live for. Happy birthday to you.
Birthday Wishes for Husband
Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • When a kind-heart person gets into a relation, that relation outshines all barriers. I’m blessed with a husband of the same kind. Love you and happy birthday dear husband.
  • With a husband like you by my side, every day feels like Christmas. I hope I can fill your life with the amount of happiness that you fill mine with. I love you so much.
  • All happiness seems to shrivel when you are not around. Have a long life dear husband. May we celebrate many happy birthdays together.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to the man whom I love the very most. This is for giving me so many wonderful memories, and I know many more yet to come!
  • I wish I could bring you as many blessings as you have brought to me. You are an outstanding husband. Have a happy birthday.
  • Through the good and bad times, you continue to be by my side. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Happy birthday honey and thank you for all that you do.
  • It seems that without your presence the worth of my life would have been nothing. All these years we passed were amazing. Happy birthday to my lovely husband.
Birthday Wishes for Husband
Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • Wishing a happy birthday to the man whom I love the very most. This is for giving me so many wonderful memories, and I know many more yet to come!
  • I’m so happy I found someone who is as amazing, beautiful, charming, stylish, and humble as me. Happy birthday, dear husband!
  • It seems like yesterday when I first saw you. To me you haven’t changed from the first day we met. Thank you for all that you do for me and for being someone to count on.
  • Your strong arms, broad shoulders, and firm grip have made a peaceful and cozy abode for me all these years. Long may they remain! I love you!
  • I never thought that I would get such a wonderful husband like you. May your dreams be fulfilled. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. 
  • Sweetheart, you are such an amazing romantic that I can never stop myself from falling for over and over again. Sending you lots and lots of love. Cheers!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • Happy birthday to the man I fell in love with years ago. I still love you more and more as each year passes by. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my sweet love. My love for you reaches the depths of the seas and the highest point in the skies. You truly are the world to me. All my love!
  • After all this time, I still can’t keep my hands off you. You’re hotter than the candles on the cake. Happy Birthday, Sexy Man!
  • Your age is increasing, so is my love for you. Every day we spend together, I fall deeper in love with you. Happy birthday!
  • Whatever happens in life, I know deep down in my heart that I can always count on your love. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband. Happy birthday!
  • With each year, I’ll love you more. Remember that your best years are still ahead of you and I’ll be there for every up, down, and in between. Happy birthday, dear!
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • How can I express the joy I feel knowing we have so many years together ahead of us? Celebrating your birthday my favorite time of the year. Happy birthday, dear love!
  • It may be your birthday, but I’m the lucky one here. I got to spend another whole year with you, and hopefully many more to come. Happy birthday my love.
  • Happy birthday to the love of my life! You are the reason I work so hard during the day. When I’m home and see your smiling face, it makes the whole day better. I love you so much!
  • Happy birthday, my dear husband! My world begins and ends with you, so thank you for being in my life. Love you to the moon and back!
  • However long we have together, I know that you are the one for me. You bring me joy and laughter. We are one fantastic couple. Happy birthday to my favorite guy! Love you hubby!
  • When I am with you, I am at peace. With you, I feel beautiful and perfect. Your warmth lights up my universe. I love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday!
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • The special a day about your birthday is that I get to cuddle more, I get squish more. Happy birthday, husband, I am blessed to have you!
  • No one can be a perfect husband, but you are the closest that any man can be. I love more every day than yesterday. Happy Birthday!
  • I still remember the moment when we looked into each others’ eyes and said I love you for the first time. Every day feels just like that, especially today. Happy Birthday, I love you.
  • To our all the firsts, first hug, first kiss, the first night, first date everything counts on a memory. Thank you for giving me those, happy birthday husband, love you!
  • I love your smile, your kiss, your touch, and every little thing you do. Happy birthday to my wonderful, sexy husband. With all my love.
  • Dearest husband, I have always found you in my darkest secrets and you have kept them safe. Hope you find them in me too, happy birthday husband, love you!

Special Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • This is your day to celebrate. I hope your day is wonderful in more ways than one. Happy birthday to you, my dear husband!
  • Some days you’re my hero. Other days, you’re my knight in shining armor. But today you’re the king of the cake! Happy Birthday!
  • Maybe our lives on the earth move faster than we can imagine. But to me, every moment looks the same pleasing to me because I’ve got a dashing and loving husband like you. Happy birthday!
  • Your love shines a light so bright in my life that it is my inspiration every morning to get out of bed. I am hopelessly in love with you. Have the best day and a happy birthday!
  • Wishing you the heartiest birthday wishes husband, you have been my partner not just raising the family but also bringing the best me. Love you! 
  • I thank God every day and every night for giving me such an amazing husband as you. May your days be filled with smiles and cheers. Happy birthday!
Special Birthday Wishes for Husband
Special Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • I have never met someone with such a positive outlook on life. You are truly exceptional. I love you and happy birthday.
  • I can’t imagine a second of my life without you. Nothing can be compared to you. You are my perfect partner. Happy birthday.
  • You are so essential to me that I cannot imagine my world without you. Happy birthday to my amazing husband!
  • Happy Birthday to my husband! Whatever journey the year ahead brings, I’m so lucky to share it with you.
  • My dearest husband, when the world is turbulent, I know that I can find peace and rest on that spot on your shoulders. May it be there for many more years to come.
  • Whenever I fell down you were always there to help me to stand up and keep on going. I want us to go on till the death apart us. Happy Birthday.
Special Birthday Wishes for Husband
Special Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • Happy Birthday You are my companion, comforter, and friend. I am so blessed to have and to hold you as my husband forever.
  • The first time I met you, I was enthralled by your calm disposition and wide smile. Guess what, I still am. Long may you remain a calm, smiling gentleman. I love you, sweetheart.
  • Blessed to have a husband like you, who always surprises me with the best quality that he has. Happiest birthday hubby, love you! 
  • I wish to be everything you need and everything you want. May you live a healthy and joyful life throughout the years. Happy birthday to you!
  • You’re so much fun to be married to. I love every day of our life together, especially this one! Happy Birthday!
  • I’m happy to be in an amazingly blissful marriage with you. May today bring you the bliss that you fill my soul with. Enjoy this day to the fullest.
  • Happy Birthday!! My heart is full when you’re with me. I hope you know how much you mean to me today and always.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • Dearest husband, I have seen you thin and been there with your thick I hope that you always be at the best. Happy birthday darling, hugs, and kisses!
  • Happy birthday, husband. You may be getting older but look on the bright side. You have a beautiful and wonderful wife to keep you company on the ride (to old age).
  • Pop some gems husband, it’s time for you to turn back your childhood. Happiest birthday growing man, I love you!
  • Happy birthday, hubby. You better hurry up and extinguish the wildfire being produced by the countless candles on your cake because it is massively contributing to Global Warming.
  • You may not have the hero-physique, strength, or endurance, but no one takes out the garbage quite like you! Happy Birthday to a Super Husband!
  • I thought husbands are to protect wives from danger. But the irony is I had to protect you from a spider. Such a scared cat. Happy Birthday.
Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband
Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • You should be glad that you have got the most awesome wife in the whole world. I should be your best gift. Happy Birthday, Husband.
  • Babe, I’m confident that our heating bill is going to be very low this month thanks to the heat produced by the multitude of blazing candles covering your birthday cake.
  • For some reason, when I go birthday shopping for you, I end up finding a lot more gifts for myself. Your birthdays are always really expensive, but you’re worth it. Happy Birthday, Hubby!
  • A yearly reminder, dear Husband, to be careful about laughing about my choices. After all, you’re one of them. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday! You certainly don’t look like you did when we first met in our younger years. But since it’s your birthday, I won’t make fun of your pot belly. Your welcome!
  • You are charming, handsome, intelligent, witty, and smart, I think this is enough to make you happy on ur birthday.
Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband
Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband
  • Dear husband, if aging were the promotion of peace, I strongly believe you’d have absolutely no difficulty earning the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Honey, did you ever realize that you’re just like red pepper, you get spicier with every year. Happy Birthday to my feisty husband!
  • Dear Husband. You are getting a bit too old to party hard like we used to on your birthday. But I’m not so I’ll have twice as much fun in remembrance of you
  • Happy Birthday to you, Hubby. You are the smartest man alive and I am the craziest woman alive. You were smart enough to ask for my hand in marriage and I was crazy enough to say, “Yes”.
  • You irritate me, you frustrate me, you make me go mad. And that’s how I want it to be throughout my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • I just noticed that your hair got greyer, wrinkles appeared and you got fat layer under the skin. Officially you are getting old. Happy Birthday old man.


Marriage isn’t always easy, but your husband makes the hard work, fights, and struggles worth every minute. As you use your husband’s special day to celebrate him, take time to appreciate everything you love about the man you married. Think about the way he makes you smile and the moments that make you fall in love all over again. Remember how you felt on your wedding day and do all that you can to make your husband’s birthday as special and full of love as your first day as his wife.

Hope you like this collection of Birthday Wishes for your husband. To celebrate your birthday, be sure to visit our website for more birthday wishes for any occasion!

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