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45 Birthday Wishes for Cat – Happy Birthday, Kitty!

Cat Birthday Wishes

Cat moms and cat dads love to spoil their furry babies and they spend more on them then they do on their selves. Markets are filled with cat products and cat parents never shy away from spending a fortune on them. In the same row, birthdays of family cats are now a big deal, as important as human birthdays, even more important in some cases. So if your kitty or a kitty you know has their birthday coming up, then say Happy Birthday Kitty with these best, coolest, and adorable Birthday Wishes for Cat.

Cats are here to take over the world and they are kind of succeeding in their motives, so you better start worshipping them before they throw you into the garbage. Their popularity is increasing exponentially and so are their lovers. Earlier, cats were considered a menace, but now people love to endure this menace.

So wish the cute little kitty with these Birthday Wishes and Messages for Cats, Kittens and give them a little hug from us too:

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Cat Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Cat
Birthday Wishes for Cat
Birthday Wishes for Cat
Birthday Wishes for Cat
Birthday Wishes for Cat

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Birthday Wishes for Cat Lovers

kitty birthday wishes

Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Cat

How do you say happy birthday to a cat?

1. Today’s a special day for a certain kitty cat, who turns yet another year older and wiser! I promise to shower you with treats and attention, my furry little friend!
2. My lovely and precious cat, you are one of the most special companions I’ve ever had in this life, and I want to take this Big Day in your world to wish you a very joyful birthday.
3. I chose you to be my best friend because you are such a wonderful cat with cute purrs and round blue eyes. To my little tiger, I wish you a lovely birthday!
4. It is always lovely to have a cat as a pet, but it is lovelier to have one who is as outstandingly special as you are. Happy birthday!
5. Making me feel like the luckiest cat owner in the world is something really priceless. I thank you so much for this. Wishing you a fabulous day of birth!

Final Words

Cats are cute and evil and we love them from the bottom of our hearts. They like to kick things of the table but we still fall for them every time. Their furr, eyes, little paws, and fluffy tail are enough to melt the hearts of those family members, who did not even want a pet at first.

I hope you will get wonderful birthday wishes for the cat. Also, visit us again for more Birthday Wishes, we have a very good collection of birthday wishes.

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