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300+ Birthday Cake Messages and Wordings

Are you wondering what to write on your friend’s birthday cake? Of Course, it’s a big decision but we’ve got you covered. We have brought you this amazing collection of birthday cake messages and wordings that you can put on the birthday cake of your special person and bring a big smile on their face.

Birthdays are special but what makes them more special is these little customized things. The idea of surprising your birthday friend with cake is beautiful but cute and funny birthday messages on that cake will add spark to your surprise party.

What to write on a birthday cake? is a dilemma we all face whenever there’s a birthday of our friend or family member.

Writing “Happy Birthday” with their name is too outdated. Birthdays should be remembered with the birthday cake messages that are cut with all the people and their laughter around.

Messages should be cute, beautiful, funny, and customized. They should define your relationship, give blessings and spread humour.

Here’s a list of some awesome birthday cake messages you can go for and also modify them as per your wish.

Also, share these Birthday Messages with your friends who are about to present a birthday cake to someone.

Birthday Cake Messages

My heartiest wishes to you on your Birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Son.

Happy birthday, sister! I love you so much.

Happy birthday to my best friend.

Congratulations on completing another year.

Happy birthday. I love you so much!

Birthday Cake Messages

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

Happy birthday, my princess!

Happy birthday to my amazing brother!

Happy Birthday and have a great year ahead.

Happy [age]th Birthday XYZ

Happy Birthday To XYZ

Happy Birthday My Love!

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

Happy birthday to my King.

Best Messages for Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday. Today is all about you.

Cheers to your [age] birthday.

Birthday wishes to our little prince.

Happy 1st birthday to the coolest boy/cutest girl in the town.

Happy Birthday to my Birthday Star.

Happy Birthday, little one! You made it into the teenage!

Happy Birthday! Your cuteness increases with age!

Another year wiser, another year wittier! Here’s to you!

Happy Birthday, dear! You age like fine wine!

A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Birthday.

Happy Birthday. Another year older, another year wiser.

Happy Birthday to the finest apple of our family tree.

Happy birthday. Wishing you a glorious and wonderful birthday.

Congratulations on making it another year above the ground.

1st Birthday Cake Messages

First Happy Birthday Bash.

Happy 1st birthday, God bless you.

Happy 1st birthday to our precious little girl.

This is just the beginning! Happy 1st birthday.

Happy 1st birthday to my lovely nephew.

Wishing you a blessed 1st birthday.

First Birthday Blast.

I am One today.

Happy 1st Birthday.

Ria’s First Birthday.

My first trip around the sun.

Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest Birthday Boy.

1st Birthday Cake Messages

Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest Birthday Girl.

Happy 1st Birthday to our Bundle of Joy.

Take your time growing up, Happy first birthday.

Happy 1st birthday, Don’t grow up too fast.

Happy 1st birthday to you our dearest Mark.

Birthday Cake Messages for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday to the sweetest girlfriend.

You are sweeter than this cake.

Happy Birthday, my wonder woman.

My love for you is endless.

Happy birthday, my sweet queen.

Happy Birthday, my sweetest woman.

Happy Birthday to My Special Girl.

Happy Birthday, my sweet pie.

Kiss your old age goodbye!

All my love is only for you Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

Warm wishes for your Birthday, honey.

Happy Birthday, my lady.

Birthday Cake Messages for Boyfriend

Happy birthday, my love, you are my hero.

Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world.

Happy birthday, my handsome prince.

You stole my heart, but I’ll let you keep it.

Happy birthday to my prince charming!

Birthday Cake Messages for Boyfriend

You mean the world to me!

Let’s grow old together!

Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart sing.

Happy Birthday from a proud girlfriend.

Happy birthday to the man who lights up my world

Happy birthday, my lovely boyfriend!

I Love you, Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday to such a handsome lad.

Birthday Cake Messages for Friend

You can’t get older without me.

Holy crap, you’re old BFF! Happy Birthday nonetheless.

Happy Birthday to my favorite friend. (Don’t tell the others)

Happy Birthday Old Man/Woman.

Friends Forever… or at least so far, Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to a friend I couldn’t live without!

The Best Birthday Wishes for my Bestie!

Happy Birthday Dear Friend XYZ!

Happy Birthday to the best of friends.

For always being there for me: Happy Birthday.

Congrats on making it another year.

Don’t let your age get you down… It’s hard to get back up, Happy Birthday.

Tell your parents ‘Thanks’, Birthday Boy/Girl.

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend Forever!

We bought a cake because birthdays suck without one.

Wishing you a year of joy and friendship.

Happy birthday to my brother from another mother.

Happy birthday to my sister from another mister.

Birthday Cake Messages for Husband

You are the prince of my dreams… Birthday Boy.

Thanks for choosing me as your wife, Birthday Boy.

Your love makes me complete Honey. Happy Birthday.

You brighten my world Sweetheart, Happy Birthday.

With you my life is full of laughter, Honey.

Sending some love to the most charming man in my life.

Happy birthday my man. I’m lucky to be your wife.

Happy birthday, my love, you are my hero.

Happy birthday, handsome guy!

Happy birthday handsome. Thanks for making me feel special always.

Here’s to more life, love, and adventures with you to come!

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.

Happy Birthday, my Mr. Right! Life is better with you in it!

Babe, I would love you all the same even if you were 100! Happy Birthday!

Celebrating the most humble man on this planet! You’re the best, dear!

You are still the most dashing man I know! Happy Birthday, honey!

Happy birthday to my Mr. Perfect.

Being your wife is a blessing, Birthday Star.

Birthday wishes to the most loving Husband.

Happy Birthday to my Dashing Husband.

I am lucky to be your wife, Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday to a great guy!

You are my superman. Happy birthday and I love you.

Birthday Cake Messages for Wife

Thank you for putting up with me, love!

Happy birthday honey. Your love makes me complete.

Happy Birthday, My One and Only.

Happy birthday my sweet angel!

Wishing a very happy birthday to someone so sweet.

Happy birthday to the most supportive wife ever!

Happy Birthday to a special woman who is bringing so much joy to my heart.

Wishing a very happy birthday to my gorgeous wife!

Happy birthday to a special lady who is forever young!

Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams.

Birthday Cake Messages for Wife

Wishing the most amazing birthday ever to my beautiful wife!

Happy Birthday, wifey! You get prettier each day and I love you!

Age is just a number when my wife is the most gorgeous woman! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Perfectionist! May your dreams come true!

You’re evergreen in my eyes, honey. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday to Mrs. Always Right.

Happy birthday to my Queen.

Birthday Cake Messages for Sister

You are the best version of a sister.

Grateful to God for giving me the best sis!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful sister.

Thank God, I have a sister like you. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the most gorgeous sister in the world.

A birthday kiss for my amazing sis!

Wishing the happiest birthday to the world’s coolest sister.

We are sisters by chance but friends by choice. Happy birthday, sis!

I feel so lucky that my dear sister is also a true friend.

Wishing you happiness and success on your day!

Nothing is sweeter than my sister’s smile.

When you were little, a cake is all you wanted—now it’s all you’re getting!

Crying will not make you younger—laughing will!

Happy birthday to my dear sister and best friend!

Wish a fabulous birthday to my cutest sister.

Wishing my sister and best friend tons of happiness on her birthday.

Birthday Cake Messages for Brother

In a world full of crazy, you fit in just fine.

Happy birthday to the best brother in the world!

Happy birthday to the best elder brother in the world!

Wishing my dashing brother, a very happy birthday!

Birthday Cake Messages for Brother

Thanks for being such a great brother and a good friend.

Happy birthday to my awesome brother.

Happy Birthday, bro. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

Have a blast on your special day!

Dear brother, hope your birthday is full of joy.

Happy birthday to the sweetest brother and coolest friend.

Happy birthday to the cutest little brother in the world.

Happy birthday to the best big brother in the whole universe.

I wish you a very happy birthday brother!

Birthday Cake Message for a Coworker

This Birthday Cake is for the Best Coworker ever.

Happy Birthday to the office’s Favorite Employee.

May this year be as successful as this cake is delicious.

Happy Birthday to the best coffee break buddy.

Birthday Cake Message for a Coworker

Happy birthday to a coworker who gave us a great excuse to eat cake.

Happy Birthday to someone who is more than a coworker: You’re also a great friend.

Time to take a well-earned break and grab a slice of cake. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to an amazing coworker.

Have some Birthday Cake and get back to work.

Best Birthday Wishes to the best coworker here.

Birthday Cake Message for Son

So proud to call you my son.

I’m so happy I was blessed with a son as astounding as you.

Happy Birthday to My Incredible Son.

A son like you is what every parent dream of.

Can’t believe you’re a year older!

I feel so fortunate to be your parent.

Happy birthday to our outstanding son!

Happy Birthday to the best son ever!

Happy Birthday to My Amazing Son.

Happy birthday to the little king of our family.

Happy birthday to the little boy who stole my heart.

Birthday Cake Message for Daughter

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Happy birthday to the little princess of our family.

Our very best wishes to our very best daughter!

Happy birthday to my darling daughter!

Birthday Cake Message for Daughter

All hail the birthday princess!

Happy Birthday darling, love from Mom/dad.

So proud to call you my daughter.

Happy birthday to my perfect little girl!

Happy birthday to mommas/daddy’s girl/princess.

Happy birthday to my baby girl!

Happy birthday to my perfect angel!

Happy birthday to our precious gem of a daughter!

Happy birthday to my truly loved daughter!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl! Love Mom and Dad.

Love from Mommy and Daddy/Mama and papa.

Happy birthday to my little princess!

Birthday Cake Message for Mom

Wishing a beautiful day for my beautiful mama.

You’re the best, Mom. Love you.

I love you, and I feel so lucky to call you my mom.

Happy Birthday to the angel of all our hearts.

Birthday Cake Message for Mom

Happy Birthday to the queen our family.

Today, I’m celebrating the amazing mom/woman you are.

Birthday Cake Message for Dad

For the man who taught me everything I know.

Happy birthday to a top-shelf kind of Dad!

Daddy, celebrating you as my rock.

Happy birthday to my hero… My DAD!

Happy birthday to a man who is really younger than he looks.

Happy birthday to my hero… My DAD!

Happy birthday to a man who is really younger than he looks.

Happy birthday to a top-shelf kind of Dad!

Daddy, celebrating you as my rock.

For the man who taught me everything I know.

Romantic Birthday Cake Messages

You’re super cool and it’s super cool it’s your birthday.

This cake is not nearly as sweet as you, Birthday Babe.

Happy Birthday, love of my life.

To my Mr. Right/Mrs. Right: Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Babe. This cake is not nearly as sweet as you.

Happy birthday honey. I love you more than anything.

Happy Birthday Darling. I’m glad to celebrate together.

Happy birthday to the love of my life.

Happy Birthday to the cutest Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Wife/Husband ever.

Another year I get to spend with you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, I love you.

Today is about you (for once), Happy Birthday.

I love you more this year than last! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Darling, I am glad to celebrate together.

Happy birthday to my other half.

Happy birthday sweetheart. I love you more than cake.

Happy birthday love. You’re special in every way.

I love you more this year than last! Happy Birthday.

Sending warm wishes to you, my love.

Seeing you happy makes me happy, so have a blast today.

Receive my hugs, kisses, and plenty of love.

To the one who possesses my heart – today’s all about you!

Here’s to the years to come and beyond – Happy Birthday, my love!

Birthday Cake Wishes

Happy birthday to an amazing guy who has an even more amazing girlfriend!

The cake cannot be sweeter than my sweetheart! Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a very happy birthday my lovely brother!

Wishing you all the love and joy on this special day. Happy birthday.

Sweetheart, I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

You are my best sister that I’ve ever had in my life and even in imagination too.

More digits come with more stupidity! Here’s to crazier days, mate!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you in my life.

Happy birthday my sweet boyfriend. Hope you have a blast.

Today’s a day just as special as you! Happy Birthday, love!

Birthday Cake Message for a Younger Relative

XOXO, Happy Birthday.

Have a Wonderful Birthday, Wonder Child.

Happy Birthday to our Shining Star.

Enjoy your day Big Boy/Girl, Happy Birthday.

It’s your big Birthday Day, Celebrate.

Happy Birthday to my Birthday Star.

You are the Sweetest Birthday Girl/Boy.

You are the Coolest Birthday Girl/Boy.

A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Birthday.

A very happy Birthday to you.

50th Birthday Cake Message

Happy 50th birthday, Who’s counting anyway?

Fab at fifty, that’s you. Happy birthday.

Happy 30th anniversary to your 20th birthday.

Happy 50th birthday, Smile while you still have teeth.

50 is Five Perfect Tens, Happy Birthday.

Still looking nifty at fifty, Happy birthday.

Fifty and Fabulous.

You made the Big 50.

Half Way to Hundred, Enjoy your 50 Dude.

Fifty and Loving It.

You are not Old – You are Vintage at 50.

Who knew 50 could look this Good.

Looking Pretty Nifty At Fifty.

Still Awesome at 50, Happy birthday Dude.

Older is always better, Happy 50th birthday.

50 years, 50 cheers to you, Happy birthday.

80th Birthday Cake Message

Have a fantastic 80th birthday.

Let’s celebrate you on your 80th birthday.

Amazing Lady has turned 80, Happy Birthday.

You’re still young at heart in your 80’s, Happy Birthday.

Have a wonderful 80th Birthday Boy.

A Handsome Boy has turned 80.

Happy 80th birthday, Live long and prosper.

Cheers to your 80th birthday.

Still fab at 80, Happy birthday.

Eight decades and you’re still as lovely, Happy birthday.

Wishing you all the happiness on your 80th birthday.

Happy 80th birthday, Enjoy your journey ahead

You get better with age, Happy 80th birthday.

80 & Not Out, Happy Birthday.

This is the second time you’re celebrating 40, Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Cake Messages

Superman said Happy Birthday!

All cake is good cake, so enjoy the day with this one! Happy Birthday!

Celebrate this birthday as much as you can. Who knows? It can be your last one!

Happy Birthday, oldie! I can hear your biological clock shutting down!

Cheer up! You’re another day older every day.

At the very least, you aren’t 100 yet!

Don’t let your age get the best of you.

Eat the whole cake and you’ll win a prize!

Think of this cake as money—eat like you would spend.

This is an anti-aging cake. Eat it and become prettier than ever.


Making someone’s birthday special is not an easy task. You’ve to take care of the tiniest things like this birthday cake message and wordings. We hope you’ve enjoyed these amazing birthday cake messages and get the answer to your question “What to write on the birthday cake?”

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